We all need new inspirational thinking, but it can be hard to find in the tsunami of information surrounding us. This is particularly true in the fast changing world of New Marketing.

101 Nuggets is a new platform where you can find and share insightful knowledge in a succinct, tantalising fashion.

Tips, ideas, opinions and even rants to keep us at the cutting edge. All in a format that's easy to share, easy to consume and easy to absorb.

In time, we will be pulling together Nuggetry for many different topics and sectors but first, we're collecting fresh thinking about New Marketing.

If you contribute something brilliant, you will join an illustrious group of co-authors who will all have access to the complete collection.

When we’ve compiled 101 excellent Nuggets, we plan to publish a physical printed book. 101Book.png

All those co-authors included will receive a free copy and a share of the profits.


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